Monday 5 January 2009

Little Miss Disaster

"Honey, can I make you anything? How about some buttered noodles?"

My mom was trying to feed me again. So far today, I had been offered goulash, Italian sausage, macaroni and cheese, and leftover Chinese food. Quite the cornucopia, considering I could barely choke down some coffee this morning.

"Hey, do you need any more of those sinus pills? Remember how you were half dead when you got here and that one pill cleared you right up? Here, take like half of them. Do you want the whole bottle? Here, honey, just take the whole bottle."

My dad, on the other hand, was busy pushing pills. He had dragged his basket o' medication out of the kitchen cupboard and was offering me everything -- well, except the Vicodin.

Why were my parents acting like this? Because it was the day I had to fly back to Dublin, and needless to say I was having a nervous breakdown. Those of you who read the entry a while back about my conduct in airports are familiar with the kind of state I was in.

Back when I first left, I thought my problems were caused by the fact that I inherited my father's wanderlust and my mother's homebody tendencies. But now, really thinking about it, I am pretty sure I didn't inherit the wanderlust. If I had, the thought of getting on a plane and flying to another country (which, by the way, is my second home) would probably not make me want to puke.

At least I didn't cry through any airports this time. I did have to re-pack my carefully arranged suitcase at LAX, since it was over the limit. I did have a minor panic attack when they delayed my flight to Heathrow, then when I missed my flight out of Heathrow, and then when I discovered it was canceled anyway. I got airsick for the first time in a long time on my ten-hour flight, sandwiched between the window and two French (Swiss?) men, one of whom I had to climb on a seat to get over in an attempt to make it to the washroom before passing out. I sat on the runway for an hour in London, praying my bags would at least make it to the right plane after all the confusion.

Truth be told, even without the crying, I am clearly not a graceful traveler.

I also realized something, somewhere between the cab ride and the unpacking. I am so over traveling. I'm over going somewhere new, getting used to it, uprooting myself, and having to do it all over again.

And I'm over this whole living in another country business. Ireland is great, sure, and obviously I've been able to stick it out so far. But frankly, it's weird living someplace where everything is different. Every single thing. You don't know which side to pass someone on the sidewalk. You don't know how to dress for the weather. You live in fear that, since you don't have a car, you will walk one block too far and find yourself stuck in a horrible neighborhood with no way out. When you go grocery shopping, you never know what you will find, how expensive it will be, and whether it will taste like it's supposed to. Tipping rules are different and confusing. The laundry is different. Paying rent is different. And every single person you pass on the street has an accent. Oh wait, no -- you're the one with the accent, and the one who has to feel stupid every time someone says something you don't understand.

I'm also over feeling this homesick every time I go somewhere. And I'm really over knowing that even if I did just stay in the States, nothing would be the same anyway, because no way would my parents let their grad school dropout sponge off of them.

So in conclusion, living abroad sucks, and since I'm locked in for another six months, I'm screwed.

Oh, and Happy freaking New Year.


Anonymous said...

Aw but through it all you got there in one piece and you will have a great last few months (at least)before you decide "Just what the hell am I going to do now?" :)
Oh and by the way I believe I also offered you homemade pasta :)

Little Miss Fabulous said...

Um. *snorts with laughter*
I think I might have been able to tell you about the wanderlust. I inherited dad's wanderlust and you inherited mom's homebody tendencies.

It's okay, I still love you. =]

Don't worry though. I nearly cried when Uncle Mike dropped me off at the Buffalo airport, because my suitcase was 2lbs. over and I didn't know what to do. Then the scary man was talking to me with his eyes crossed and I didn't know if he was trying to make me laugh, or if he might in fact be crazy. I feel like I have never been so glad for Uncle Mike to be around in my life.

And I usually get airsick, but I have decided to try sitting in aisle seats and see what happens.

I can't believe you're over traveling. I think I'm disowning you. Just kidding. Is it still worth it for me to come to Ireland if you're going to hate your life?

Corey said...

Way to worry me for next year! <:(

Anyway, presumably once you settle back in and get back into your "Friends"-like groove, things will probably look better. In the midst of change or uprooting it is always easy to feel melancholy and wallow in all the bad things of any particular situation. I always do the same thing. I guess the best you can hope for is that it will pass quickly and you can get back into that groove!

Are your friends back from holiday yet?

KT said...

Hey guys :D Thanks for your concern, and I am feeling MUCH better today.

Mom -- yeah, you did, and I think I should have taken you up on it! Buttered homemade pasta? Oh man. We are going to have to make pasta the next time I am back.

Kim -- you might change your mind if you ever actually study abroad. It's amazing, really, but as you can tell from my post, it's a lot harder than it looks. All the tiny little differences pile up until you think you'll go crazy if you don't hear an American accent or if you can't take a shower without the water stopping on you. But you can still come over, because I don't hate my life ALL the time :)

Corey -- Oh no! Don't worry! You are so right about the wallowing, buddy, and I know I've got to pull my shit together. My friends are back, but they are all tweaking a little over the essays we have to hand in on Friday. Presumably once Friday rolls around, we will all be much better and back in our groove. Also, there's a new flatmate across the way -- I am praying he's not like Crazy Eddie. :P